G20 summit bodyguard big fight gas who is the strongest? (Photos)

US Presidential plane arrived before
The leaders of the G20 summit arrived in Hangzhou, the national security personnel due diligence, accompanied by pictures, cool look in the crowd is very eye-catching. Let's see, who's the strongest gas field? Vigilance of the Indonesian President of the security personnel (right) in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport apron alert. Brazilian President of the security officer (right) on patrol. The security officer of the President of the United States is on duty. Focus on Laos President arrived in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, a security officer in his car next to duty. The security officer of the Canadian Prime Minister's plane stood before the gangway. The security officer of the Turkish president is on tour. A heroic bodyguard guarded by the Italian prime minister. Meticulous security personnel in the Canadian Prime Minister next to the plane. The security officer was on duty at the Turkish President's seat. Before the US presidential plane arrived, security personnel were conducting inspections. Sergeant Senegal arrived in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, the scene of security personnel on duty.

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